Laid-back, barefoot vibes is what Rum Point is all about. You're on island time in this district and good thing too, because the beaches up this way are phenomenal. If you can drag yourself away from the sandy shoreline, there's so much more to explore.

The northern most point of the island, the Rum Point district is in the sleepy town of North Side, with gorgeous untouched bays, glistening waters visible from the road and authentic eats like you won't find anywhere else on the island. Head over here to explore the bioluminescence, dine in the sand or down a mudslide by the beach. When you're in Rum Point, the goal is to relax.

North Side Map


  • When exploring the caves bring some water with you and shoes for walking in.

  • At Starfsih point, make sure to leave the starfish in the water, you can take pics with them on the surface.

  • Sunscreen up with waterprrof lotion,  it's easy to get carried away lounging in the sun and forget to lather up.

  • Luna Del Mar takes place once a month on the Friday closest to the full moon.

  • Sundays are busy at Rum Point, as the locals head up this way with boats to relax in the shallow waters.



Things To Do

  • Do a bioluminescence tour

  • Dine under the stars at Luna Del Mar at Kaibo

  • Have a mudslide at Rum Point beach

  • Explore the Crystal Caves with Cayman Safari Tours

  • Chill in a hammock and catch the sunset

  • Try some mahi-mahi at Over The Edge restaurant

  • Visit Stingray City

  • See the starfish at Starfish Point

Why Go?

Rum point is the beautiful side of Cayman, with it's chilled out locals, beach bars and soft sand. Go for the day, meditate, relax, unwind and see some of Cayman's most stunning attractions. The drive alone will be an adventure and once you get here, Rum Point and it's gleaming, shallow waters will steal your heart.